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Our Story

When someone is faced with a challenge,
Cambodians express their support with the word “SUSU!”.
Our products are all handmade by women in Kchass village in Cambodia.
They embody the warmth and attentive care of their creators.
Despite their difficult situations,
these women continue to smile as they pursue their dreams.
From the bottom of our hearts— “SUSU” to you!

Community Factory – It is located in Kchass village, 35km away from the center of Siem Reap. Our employees are all women who were previously living in poverty and facing family challenges. We hope to support these women on their journeys to a brighter future by empowering them to earn a stable income making authentic handcrafted products.

More about our producers

Support System

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Meal Provision

Kid's Care Center

Literacy Education

Saving System

Career Counselling

The women are given a nutritious lunch to keep them healthy. . Many of them have symptoms of anemia or easily get sick due to the lack of nutrition their meals contained when they were living in poverty. We also provide training on nutrition so they have the knowledge to eat healthy.

We provide childcare services while mothers are working. This is because we want them to have the choice to continue working even after they get married or have kids. As the center is located right next to the factory, women work there hearing the lively voices of children.

Many women working here had to quit elementary school due to poverty. We employ teachers from Kchass village to teach them literacy, ethics and math, which are essential for their work. We also teach and encourage them to write in a diary to foster regular self-reflection.

The women tend to incur debts when they get sick or injured because they do not have enough money to pay for treatment. Our saving system prevents this. In addition to Health Insurance, we set aside $0.25 a day from their salary and our community factory matches the contribution. The women can withdraw the money at any time without any interest.

We introduce them to more job opportunities after their graduation from our factory so that they can expand their horizons and challenge themselves to further their careers.. We regularly provide them with counselling to listen to their voices and also to support discussions with their families.

Open Everyday
Mon - Fri 1PM - 10PM
Sat - Sun 2PM - 10PM

Pari's Alley, 14 The-Lane
Krong Siem Reap
63000 Cambodia

For other inquiry:
+855 93 633 866
+855 63 967 896