Deap Sam Ol

Dyeing Process

We dye the carefully selected rush, locally grown in Cambodia, in a large pot at a temperature of about 40°C. Sometimes it is hard to work due to the heat, but through trainings I learned how to dye the rush beautifully, achieving the same color every time.

Rem Hing

Weaving Process

I weave a 3m rush mat with a handloom by inserting the dyed rush one by one. We work in pairs, one inserting the rush and the other weaving it tightly into the mat. It was a slow process when I first started, but now I can weave one mat in only one day because I developed a sense of rhythm and cooperation

Hang Tuy

Sewing Machine Process

I sew the rush grass cut and canvas or leather together to make our final product. I always keep professionalism in mind to make high quality products, with the tailoring, color and everything perfectly made. The most rewarding part of my job is when I see a customer smiling after buying one of our products.